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So to my surprise quite a few of you have stuck around so I figure I'll just drop a heads up as to what's been going on.

Still school stuff really. I'm onto my senior year of college so I'm in the hardest, most work intensive run I'll be facing here. Other than that, I've kinda sorted out what I actually want to do. I'm not the most fantastic 3D modeler, considering how long it takes me to make something that doesn't look like a lego model, but even then, I'm not /bad/ per se. I did recently discover that I'm not bad at programming. Been messing around with that a lot lately with the help of a few people I know and some intensive self-study. I'm really considering that as my career option, but I still want to stick with the 3D. The happy medium for this would be Technical Artist but that's gonna be more work than either of the previous two by themselves.

In the actual productive news, thanks to the coolest instructor on the planet, who also happens to be a really good musician. *cough* *cough* I may actually get a paid programming gig. This is, assuming, the project gets funding and I was told to not hold my breath but the idea itself is cool.

Also, back in January, I took part in the 2014 Global Game Jam, working along side a team of 10 others. For those of you who don't know what that is, it's an event that happens every year where a team of people have about 48 hours to make a game. Any kind of game; board game, video game, card game, whatever. Well, our team decided to be daring and make a video game. And not one of us have ever actually made a video game, let alone even try to get our 3D models out of the modeling program. I got elected as programmer, being one of 2 people in the group with any sort of experience (used loosely) with Unity and scripting. After some serious thought, planning, and a bit of creativity, we made our game. Complete with 10 levels, sound, and models. a startup menu, a win/lose scenario, and all the bugs you could ever hope to find in a game made by 11 sleep deprived newbies. But the fact was we not only had a playable game, we had more content in it than any of us ever hoped to get. I stayed up for 3 days straight working, which landed me the title of Lead Programmer and technical artist. I think I learned more those 3 days than the entire college quarter.

Anyways, the premise of the game is you have to bounce a laser off mirrors to have it reach the end box, which will open the door letting you move onto the next level. you control a little robot who's body acts like a 4 sided mirror, letting you bounce the laser off yourself if you need to. You can pick up the mirrors and drop them somewhere else so you can arrange a mirror path for the laser. You can fire the laser off whenever you want but you only have a limited number of shots so use them wisely.

If anyone wants to play it, it can be downloaded here:…

alternatively, the game is super buggy and while I have been working on the game in my free time and have fixed a huge portion of the bugs, the version there has not been updated since the event so it will still have all the original problems. If you don't want to put up with the bugs but are still curious about the game, there's a video of the gameplay here: 

Don't ask about the name it was not my decision. :P

so yeah, there's my out of the blue, long winded self update. I wonder how many will actually read this. XD

I'll make a journal about the game when I get it patched up enough to upload.

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